Exploring the world virtually 2021: Is this for you?

Virtual travel takes off in popularity during pandemic

Virtual travel is becoming a popular way to see the world while the COVID-19 pandemic makes real travel difficult. (Image from Unsplash.com)
Virtual travel is becoming a popular way to see the world while the COVID-19 pandemic makes real travel difficult. (Image from Unsplash.com)

This is a guest post about virtual travel from techwarn.com.

With conventional travel hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic, interest is growing in virtual travel — and so are opportunities to visit faraway places without leaving home.

If you have not already started virtually exploring the rest of the world, this is a primer.

How would you like to see different parts of the globe, explore their museums, enjoy their culture, and see their daily way of life without having to travel away from your living room?

Here are some ways to get started on this modern mode of travel.

Take Virtual Tours

There are numerous virtual tours that you can choose from, depending on what you love and where your interests lie.

For example, NASA has a virtual tour set up to show you around its facilities, then take you to outer space. Imagine being able to witness the moon landing in HD like you were there.

You could also choose to go on National Parks virtual tours, dive underwater to spend some time with the big fishes of the world, or improve your wildlife knowledge on a virtual African safari.

Want to visit the Seven Wonders of the World without leaving home? You can peer down at Machu Picchu or take a virtual walk along the Great Wall of China without actually being there.

You can view wildlife and nature scenes around the world via explore.org.

No matter what you want, the possibilities are almost endless.

There is a Virtual Travel channel on YouTube.

Visit Museums

Whether you are going through the more popular museum curation from Google Arts and Culture or seeing what individual museums have to offer, this is a good way to get your knowledge of art up.

Top museums worldwide are hosting virtual experiences for collections that are decades to centuries old. Now, you can see what your favorite museums in France, Greece, Italy, or other esteemed locations in the world hold for you.

Watch Documentaries

Many streaming services online have invested a lot in documentaries in this past year alone, and they continue to do so.

These documentaries are so in-depth that they allow you to get lost in another world and see behind the scenes of what you would usually enjoy on the surface. With ExpressVPN, users can review free streaming services and see what’s available.

Now, we don’t know the specific genre of documentary that you like. Be it tech, nature, thriller, or another niche, though, you get to let your mind travel and get lost in the inner workings of what topic is being exposed on that day.

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More than just travel

In addition, there is the allure of joining virtual concerts, tuning in to virtual talk shows and meetings, etc.

As long as it is something that you enjoy doing physically, there is a high chance that someone has created a virtual experience for it. All you have to do is search, look for a reputable service offering the experience, and key into it.

But that’s not even the best part.

Most of these virtual tours and services that you will find online are free. Even for those that come at a fee, the price you pay is nominal when compared to what you would have paid in travel and accommodation costs, among other things.

If you have not already gotten started with virtual travel in the past, you’re in luck; this is a great time to cast your lot with this new form of global exploration.

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